Infinity Werahouse System
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         MyLogistic Warehouse system!

Infinity Logistic Warehouse System is mainly based on warehouse process of "Hong Kong" logistic company. Depend on daily store in and out requirements, at speed, convenience and flexibility three elements for improve.

This system we elaborately add in our design of intelligent executive manifest system, computer can select the best suitable range for manifest automaticity, formerly your work is inextricable, but now you can work faster and convenience.

System feature:  1) Security Setting   2) Base Master File Setting

                             3) Store-In Control   4) Store-Out Control

                             5) Storage Fee Control

                             6) Billing Control

                             7) Customer Online In-Out Instruction and Report

                             8) Infinity base Accounting package (AR, AP and GL)

                             9) Reporting

Besides, we add in automatic warehouse rent computing systems, it can fully support for single customer, daily or monthly rental user and automatic remind function, make you relieved your work.

If your have any questions, please feel free to contact us or arrange our sales to demo at your office.

Infinity Warehouse System Package

Infinity Base Function (WEB MODULES)
Infinity Billing and Accounting(APPLICATION MODULES)
Pre Stock-in & Stock-in 

Per Stock-out & Stock-out
Rental fee calculation

Billing to Account
5 User Licenses

3 months on-site support

Warehouse & Accounting System Features

A. Web Base Features:
  • Pre Stock-In

       A, Excel Import Pre Stock-In

  • Pre Stock-In re-confirm

       A, Auto Mail Notice to Warehouse Keeper

  • Stock-In

       A, Direct Stock-In

       B, Select Pre Stock-In record (included part Stock-In function)

  • Confirm / Cancel Stock-In

       A, Auto Mail Notice to Stock owner

  • Pre Stock-Out

       A, Excel Import Pre Stock-Out

       B, Include Return Stock Function

  • Pre Stock-Out re-confirm

       A, Auto Mail Notice to Warehouse Keeper

  • Stock Out and Packing list

       A, Direct Stock-Out

       B, Select Pre Stock-Out record (included part Stock-Out function)

  • Confirm / Cancel Stock-Out

       A, Auto Mail Notice to Stock owner

  • Change Location

       A, Change Existing Stock Location

  • Email Setting

       A, Preset Auto Email Contact

  • Reporting:

       1, Stock QTY Report

       2, Stock-Out Transaction List

       3, Packing list

       4, Item Transaction Records

C. Base Accounting (AR/AP/GL):
D. Web Online Features:
  • Pre Stock-In

       A, Excel Import

  • Confirm Stock-In

       A, Auto Mail Notice to Warehouse Keeper

  • Pre Stock-Out

       A, Excel Import

       B, Include Return Stock Function

  • Confirm Stock-Out

       A, Auto Mail Notice to Warehouse Keeper

  • Reporting

       1, Stock QTY Report

       2, Stock-Out Transaction List

       3, Packing list

B. Application Features
  • Security Setting

       A, Group Access Right Setting

       B, User Information Setting

       C, Customer Login Setting

  • Company(Customer) Setting

       A, Stock Owner / Customer Information Setting

       B, Storage Fee Equation Setup

  • Goods(Stock) Master Setting

       A, Stock item information Setting

       B, Stock Unit Exchange Setting (Between Owner / Customer / Warehouse)

       C, Excel Import

  • Billing

       A, Auto Generate Storage Fee Invoice

       B, Invoice Control

  • Reporting:

       1, Invoice

       2, Customer Information Listing

       3, Invoice Listing