Security (權限與保安)

- User Access Control (使用者權限管理)

- Setup Group Permission Control (使用者群組設定) 

 Items (貨品記錄)

- Item creation (貨品設定)

- Re-order level control (最底存貨量設定)

- Min price control (最底售價控制)

- Item Activate / Inactivate Control (貨品生效/隱藏功能)

- Support item picture (支援貨品圖片)

- Support upload item Spec. (支援貨品功能PDF) 

Stock-In (貨品入倉)

- Keep purchase records (記錄購貨資料)

Output for analysis (銷售報表(Excel檔))

- Daily sales lists analysis to excel (每日銷售數據)

- Stock transactions to excel (貨品進出記錄)

- Stock outstanding analysis to excel (貨品結餘數量記錄)

- Item Analysis to excel (最佳銷售及最高盈利)

- Reorder lists to excel (最底存量充記錄)

Print Label (標籤列印)

- Support print item info with Product Barcode (支援貨物標籤(連條型碼)列印)

POS (銷售)

- Make POS easy (簡易開單介面)

- Support Barcode reader (支援條型碼輸入)

- Instant print receipt (即時打印發票)

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